The story. Be a part of our story

While real change depends on mass movements, popular protests and on taking action, the commUnityHome team believes that this kind of popular opposition to the status quo happens in homes and workplaces equally. 

commUnityHome is a nationwide project to find shelter for those in need.  It’s based in the countryside and the city; Cornwall and London.

We are in our second spring, and have become much bigger than the small group of hosts who started with us.  Many of you have shown us that this project matters to you too.

We are at a crucial point where we need to keep meeting the demand for shelter using holistic principles, so we are inviting you to be a part of our story.  

We currently shelter an average of … people a week, donating shelter nights to operational partners who work with climate and civil rights’ activists and others in need of shelter.

We are committed to transforming our society from one based on the profit motive to one built on people’s  needs.   We are committed to seeing underneath the social structures - looking at and laying out patterns that are developing across thousands of years.

We believe that all the struggles against oppression are connected. Racism, sexism and every other form of oppression and discrimination are a product of a society based on the exploitation of people by a tiny minority of capitalists. Inequality, like war and climate change, is a symptom of a chaotic system based on market competition.  That poverty and homelessness persist in Cornwall has quite a lot to do with matters that lie beyond Cornwall’s borders. 

Where we are starting from; We are actively involved in protest movements and workers’ struggles around the country, and we are organising to help build solidarity with universal struggles.  We are mobilising the resistance to corporate greed and structural inequality not in workplaces but at home. 

We ultimately seek popular control of society and genuine liberation for all by responding to a need our community wants to see fulfilled. In the process of helping to build every kind of resistance to capitalism, in our fundraising we are putting the case for a two stage approach, creating a timely alternative two- part economic structure:

  1. Redemption - a monetary revolution or mass movement of money from rich to poor, which addresses wealth inequality..
  2. Resilience - a mutualistic economic system which addresses income inequality.